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ENL in Gen ED: Supporting bilingual students in Gen Ed classrooms | ELL
Fighting Math Phobia: Any person can be a math person | Math, 6-12
Keep the Kids Talking: Shifting from Q&A to Q&D | Pedagogy, Danielson 3b
Reading and Writing Arguments: Supporting students to take a stand | Literacy, K-5
School Structures for Social-Emotional Support: Cultivating care in the classroom | Pedagogy
Special Teams: Models for co-teaching and collaboration | Pedagogy, ELL & SpEd
Supporting Struggling Readers: Reading complex texts in secondary schools | Literacy, 6-12
Surviving the Semester: Meeting the needs of early career teachers | Pedagogy, new teachers

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First-year members
are eligible to attend the Surviving the Semester: Meeting the Needs of Early Career Teachers series.

Second-year NTN@TC members are eligible to attend the Keep the Kids Talking: Shifting from Q&A to Q&D series. 

Members in their third year can attend a series of their choosing. 

We will confirm your membership status with the New Teacher Network, and will be in touch if we have any questions.

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